Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What's in Melaka

This year has been a good year. A year of moulding, of freedom and definitely a year of blessings.
The past few months has been really good. Dolly and Paul came down from Perth and we had a wonderful time catching up and getting to know Paul.

Anyway, since we have been the host to many guest. I would like to list down what are the things to do in Melaka and what to eat so that you can experience Melaka and would wish to come back again.

Samuel and Allyson came down for the weekend to help out in RLM's Thanksgiving Fundraising Dinner event which was held on 31 Oct. The whole of Sat was packed with many things and we hardly had anytime to tour Melaka.

Since both of them are from Penang, the would love to try some chicken rice ball. We went to this restaurant in Melaka Raya (instead of the original at Jonker's cos of the massive crowd) opposite Public Bank. The price is pricey for 3 when the bill came to RM 50plus. The food is ok for tourist. I would prefer to eat at Melaka Baru which is 20 mins away from town which is not convenient to bring our guest since the major attraction is in town itself.

The top dinner place that's a must is TeoChew restaurant at second cross street. You can google it and I would not repeat the same fantastic food they have there. We have been looking for a good Nyonya Restaurant which taste really good. The current ones are too touristy and we the locals do not really like the taste anymore. Hence, after Pae suggested to us Kapitan House, we decided to give it a try. Phew!!!!!! We were blown away with the food. Definitely 2 thumbs up.

When you are in Melaka, the things you really need to see are:

A'Famosa Fort
Clock Tower, Stadhuys,
Jonker Street
Baba House Museum
Cheng Ho Museum
River Boat (nite)

And after all the eating and sight seeing, it is best to go for foot reflexology or body massage.
I tell you, you will have a blast here.

Monday, October 05, 2009

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wanting a miracle

Well, this blog used to be a place of my ranting as a teenager, then as a student then of my love life...Then now I am married and obviously, I will talk about marriage life.

Marriage has been good and of course there are ups and downs. But the best thing about being in Christ is that, when the goings get tough, the tough kept going. We have been wanting for a baby since the day we tied the knot and settled as husband and wife. I being only 26 has already prepared myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you are married and wanting a child, I believe you know what I meant. Every month has been an ordeal, waiting for your period due date. When it comes, you will be upset. If it doesn't then you will be so excited if you are one day late and there goes the pregnancy test. When the pregnancy test showed only 1 line instead of 2, your heart falls to the ground in disappointment. Many months I marked my calender on my 1st day of period. I was so tensed up and physco myself into being pregnant. Wow, I wouldnt dare count the numerous pregnancy test I bought and tried.

Disappointment after disappointment. My period had been irregular since I was young, hence I wouldnt really know or be sure that I missed my period or when I am most fertile. After a year, I finally went to the gynae to check. I am thankful that there is nothing wrong with me. Heheh just that my ovaries are not ovulating and the doc said I should be pregnant in 6 months. If not, see him again.

Well, it has been about 7 weeks since I last saw the doc. I seriously feel pregnant and my period is late for 20 days already. I have tested 3 home pregnancy test and it was all negative. Well, I feel like pulling my hair out. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....

Jesus confirmed with me that when every area of my life that is not from Him needs to be broken, then I will get my miracle. Many things has happened since then. My unforgiveness, my pride, and the list go on. Read my woman in progress entry.

Pastor has confirmed that he sense I am a new person. A new beginning. Does that mean I will be having my miracle soon?

I asked hubby recently, "What do you want for your birthday?"
He answered, "A baby."

An answer I didn't expect him to say. I thought he would have wanted a new house, a new car or even a new speaker for the laptop.

I didn't answer. Just a pause from me. How can I give him a baby? It's not even in my means and there is nothing I can do but to trust in Jesus.
I know that in His time, He makes all things beautiful.

And yes, I want to carry a miracle in my womb.
I should be seeing the gynae pretty soon or just do a blood test.

I shall wait upon YOu LORD..

Olio- Rennaissance Melaka

Hubby's birthday was around the corner and wanted to bring him to a special place for dinner.
Since we are from a small historical town, every other restaurant has been visited and most of the hotels buffet are not too great for us to be even tempted to go.

While stopping at the Rennaisance junction when the traffic was Red. Read the advertisement with discount for the birthday person according to his age..I was like WOW, this is a must go place. Called and made the reservation for 5 cos thinking Pae, Mike and Jerry will join us. They all cant make it due and left the two of us.

The place was dim with romantic environment. Feel a bit 'sua ku' with the italian menu. Wow, the price on the menu is suffocating. Literally made me gulp in my throat and for the first time my mental calculator was at work. I was thinking it's ok la.. We will get 39% discount on everyth since hubby is 39. Hehe, I ordered a set menu dinner for one which cost RM 130++ again thinking i will get 39% off. Ordered lasagna and hubby had a wine buffet which cost RM 59++.

We had a candle on our table and were served with fresh oven baked bread. Well, the manager put some olive oil and vinegar and I reckon must be for us to dip the bread in. Wow, such peculiar taste but it was yummy.

Overall, the food was good. Not FANTASTIC but the service is of excellent. The manager surprised my husband with a slice of cake with a candle and they came over to our table to sing a song for him. That really made his day.

This is place is really good for special occasions and I seriously can go back there just for the wine buffet. Only the white wine are chilled and the reds are at room temperature. Hubby finished a bottle and a half of white..

It was definitely a memorable evening..
Blessed birthday baby..:)
May Jesus grant the desires of your heart.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Woman in Progress

I have not been writing much as I was busy with entertaining guest from China and we went to Genting and KL for 5 days. It was a rather tiring trip.

Well, I would say the main reason is that I dislike penning down unhappy thots. The past 2-3 weeks has been a roller coaster in my emotions and in my spirit. My negativity, my unforgiveness, my overly sensitive spirit, my pride, my ego, my jealousy, my focus on man, and overall my stubbornness has caused me to loose focus and blamed everyone but myself with the things I see unfit and that's happening in my life.

I thank Jesus for being patient with me and every so gracious in my life. Every area need to be dealt before I can move move on to the next spiritual level. My Personal Time (PT) last nite with Ps.Ed has been an eye opener. I never realised I have closed my heart and be such a stubborn mule not to see my weakness. I praise Jesus for the revelations He has given me and the new things he is beginning to do in my life.

I thank Jesus for precious good friends who were there to encourage me, rebuke me, advise me and give me a hard knock when they know I am not in the right mind. Indeed, I am experiencing FREEDOM and Rest. A rest that I have never had all my life.

I am anticipating the new person I am growing to be. As I mentioned in my previous post that there is someth else that needs a breakthrough...I believe I have received the breakthrough.

Wow. Such Revelation. Such NEWness the Lord is allowing me to enjoy.
Indeed, I had been the 100th sheep, Where the shrpherd will abandon the 99 to look just for me.
When he found me, all tired, all lost, all hungy, all dirty from the wandering to unknown and unsafe territory, He put me on his shoulder and take me home to where I belong.

Then He throw a party to celebrate the lost sheep that has been found. WOW..Not even sitting down to nag and scold me for my misbehavior. He CELEBRATED!!!!!!!

Wow such powerful revelation.

A I am woman in progress and I will soar like an EAGLE as my JESUS is leading me there.
WIthout a Shepherd I would be lost. I know He is holding my hand guiding me.

Friday, July 03, 2009

What kinda person are you?

Are you a YESTERDAY person? A Today Person or Tomorrow person?

  • The YESTERDAY person lives for yesterday
  • The TODAY person lives for today
  • The TOMORROW person lives for tomorrow
Well, I used to be a yesterday person and always dwell on what happened in the past.
As I ponder at this point in my life, I realised I am more of a tomorrow person as I
often look forward to what's anticipating me for tomorrow.

Often, each of us have a little bit of this and little bit of that or a mixture. I would say I am 60% Tomorrow and 30 % yesterday and 10% today. We are called to live for TODAY.

Psalm 118:24This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

This verse is not foreign to many and even the kids in my Children Church knows it. But how many of us truly comprehend this verse. Indeed our days are written on the palm of our Heavenly Father's hands. The Lord has made TODAY just for me. And everything that JESUS made is GOOD!!!!!!..... Read Genesis Chapter 1. Everything that God created is good..

So, let's start rejoicing and be glad for a new day. Instead of dreading to go to work, dreading to meet that client or finish that assignment, REJOICE for the LORD has blessed us with 24 hours a day.

It's a reminder for me to live for TODAY. If I dwell on Yesterday,I will be stuck in history and not look forward to run the race, If I look for TOMORROW, I will miss what Today has to offer. Often, the people around us are not cherished, appreciated or acknowledge as we often do not see what is in front of us at the very moment.

You and I should live for today. Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow. Jesus wants us to live one day at a time trusting Him and Him alone. Jesus says that our tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Every new day is a gift from Jesus to us. We must choose to put the past behind whenever morning breaks.

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the word

Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where His feet pass

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the one light, Eden saw play
Praise with elation, praise every morning
God’s recreation of the new day

(by Eleanor Farjeon)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mission Trip 19-21 June

The past 5 days in Kota Kinabalu has been a blessed time. The 18 of us from Malacca boarded the Air Asia plane to KK and what a joy to see Paulus and Sis Helga waiting for us outside the airport. We have so many luggages and one van was needed to fit just that. We arrived in Grace Point for lunch and the journey to Terintindon began. The ride for the first 2 hours was good but as we crossed the bridge, the tar road turned to gravel road with stones and dirt. It was a 1 an half hour bumpy ride.

We were welcomed by the pastor and villagers as soon as we stepped off the van. The condition of the village was nice and not as bad as my previous mission trips. They have water and electric and the church was well structured with comfortable musical instruments.

As soon as we had our first meeting, I headed off to put on my clown make-up.
It has been ages since I last make up and I surprised myself that I did a good job despite
no practise for at least 2 years. I told myself, Jesus this is for You. I'm not working but this is Serving you, I want the kids to see a clown for themselves. My usual half an hour makeup time became nearly one hour as I meticulously painted my face.

I was the center of attention and the kids had never seen a clown before. Since I used to work in major shopping malls,kids in the cities are very familiar with clowns. They will request for balloon sculptures whereas the kids in this village has never seen a balloon sculpture before.

The next morning a young boy held on to a inflated balloon like his little treasure. I asked him to give it to me and he refused. I didn't want him to bite and choke on the rubber. I have never seen city kids treasuring an inflated balloon in such a way. My heart melted and I made for him a new one and more kids came.

The kids in the village are warm and waiting to be close to us. Many children hugged me especially the girls and the boys were well behaved. They will listen to instruction and are very much attentive.

The children's Sunday School class rooms are without much facilities and they do not even have a single colour pencil for the children to colour. How I wished I have the money to buy for each child. Nevertheless, I had fun teaching the children Action songs and Acting out skits and mimes for them. I asked who wants to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and all hands up.

We prayed and I commit the kids to JESUS.
Indeed, my mission for the whole weekend was touching the lives of children. I didn't really participated in the adult sessions. The children are running around without any activities and I decided to take out my pump and balloons. I had at least 50 kids surrounding me each wanting a balloon. At least I tried to maintain the quietness for 45 mins.

I enjoyed seeing children singing along with the adult worship and it also saddened me that the kids are not treated as gems. We want to see kids as future leaders and they are the one who will be future leaders and pastors of the church.

What a weekend to commemorate Dino and my first year wedding anniversary. Serving Jesus together is our desire and we are going to serve and worship Him all of our lives. We had a fun time eating and relaxing at Tanjung Aru with the gang. The 2 extra days in Sabah has been a holiday for us both and we enjoyed every moment in Sabah.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Set Free!!!!!

Well, I feel much lighter emotionally and spiritually and not pyhsically yet. HEHEHE
Anyway, yesterday's meeting was fruitful.
It was definitely a time of Restoration and Pastor Ed reminded us that indeed what Judith and I had was a blessing from Jesus. Our friendship is at the verge of breaking or making yesterday nite. We either make it or break it for good.

WE both agreed that we have acted childishly and has allowed the devil to robbed us of our joy, our friendship and has chosen to ignore the hurts and misunderstandings.

We both apologised for hurting each other and choose to accept that we both are imperfect. Judith has expectation on me and I have insecurities with my friendship with her.

We choose to allow the holy spirit to mend in His time and now, it's all settled..

I am liberated..
A closure for me...
Thank you JEsus