Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What's in Melaka

This year has been a good year. A year of moulding, of freedom and definitely a year of blessings.
The past few months has been really good. Dolly and Paul came down from Perth and we had a wonderful time catching up and getting to know Paul.

Anyway, since we have been the host to many guest. I would like to list down what are the things to do in Melaka and what to eat so that you can experience Melaka and would wish to come back again.

Samuel and Allyson came down for the weekend to help out in RLM's Thanksgiving Fundraising Dinner event which was held on 31 Oct. The whole of Sat was packed with many things and we hardly had anytime to tour Melaka.

Since both of them are from Penang, the would love to try some chicken rice ball. We went to this restaurant in Melaka Raya (instead of the original at Jonker's cos of the massive crowd) opposite Public Bank. The price is pricey for 3 when the bill came to RM 50plus. The food is ok for tourist. I would prefer to eat at Melaka Baru which is 20 mins away from town which is not convenient to bring our guest since the major attraction is in town itself.

The top dinner place that's a must is TeoChew restaurant at second cross street. You can google it and I would not repeat the same fantastic food they have there. We have been looking for a good Nyonya Restaurant which taste really good. The current ones are too touristy and we the locals do not really like the taste anymore. Hence, after Pae suggested to us Kapitan House, we decided to give it a try. Phew!!!!!! We were blown away with the food. Definitely 2 thumbs up.

When you are in Melaka, the things you really need to see are:

A'Famosa Fort
Clock Tower, Stadhuys,
Jonker Street
Baba House Museum
Cheng Ho Museum
River Boat (nite)

And after all the eating and sight seeing, it is best to go for foot reflexology or body massage.
I tell you, you will have a blast here.

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